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Novarto Ltd is a software consulting company with proven expertise in providing businesses with solutions for customer relationship management and e-commerce using the products of SAP.

We combine the innovation of web technologies with the stability and rich process know-how of SAP business solutions in order to fulfill complex business requirements in the area of commerce. This is our commitment as a hybris and SAP partner.

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In Novarto, we are committed to helping you turn your customer relationship strategy into a winning business by:

  • Helping you implement a world-renowned product, such as SAP CRM, to support your marketing, sales or service processes.
  • Harnessing the power of the Internet to boost online sales, provide online services, or execute marketing campaigns by implementing the SAP's product portfolio, seamlessly integrated with your backend systems and with exclusive web design that reflects your corporate branding
  • Extending your standard solution to support for any company-specific processes or functions that sets your business apart from competitors by using the wide-range of technologies offered by the underlying SAP NetWeaver platform


Novarto’s main focus and expertise is on implementations of e-commerce solutions with SAP Web Channel EM, SAP E-Commerce and Hybris. These we complement with our own product portfolio.


If your company wants to stay close to its customers and do the best for them, then SAP CRM is the right solution to achieve your goal. It is one of the leading products in its class and Novarto's consultants can customize it the way you need it.

SAP Security

Security is of utmost importance for enterprise applications, especially in modern landscapes of interconnected clients and devices of all sorts.

SAP Support

Novarto offers: development support, pre-SAP support, application maintenance and support, performance optimizations.

Web Design

Novarto can deliver an exclusive web design for you, in which the SAP eCommerce functionality will be embedded


Our consultants applied their knowledge and experience in multiple e-commerce projects to develop several useful solutions to support your web-channel strategy.

MAI6 / UI Development Frameworknextproducts

Using MAI6 you can develop your web applications quickly and easily, using its Drag&Drop interface builder. This MVP (Model-View-Presenter) event-driven UI development framework comes with a set of ready to use UI components, in the same time you can easily develop and add to the framework your own components.

  • Some of its hottest features
  • Drag&Drop interface builder
  • Ready to use UI widgets
  • Nice and clean JSON protocol that backends can use
  • No boilerplate code is needed to create custom widgets
  • Super small footprint - less then 50 KB for all the nice features you want
  • Responsive web design adaptable to all desktop and mobile browsers
  • Fast learning curve. Fast development
  • Extends and always up to date with all the frameworks we like - Bootstrap, jQuery, Underscore, Backbone.

CONFIGO / Product configurator for online salesnextproducts previous

You do not sell simply product, you sell complex solutions? For businesses like yours we developed a custom product configurator for online sales. An easy to use administration environment is available for your sales team, where they can maintain product configurations and add business rules. On the other end your customers are able to customize their desired configuration online, within the predefined frames and order it right away. Configo comes with an integration package for hybris Commerce Suite.

Our reference customer Qmatic is already using the configurator to create and sell its solution packages. See more about the project here

If you are interested in this solution please contact us at

HYBRIDO / data bridge for e-commerceproducts previous

Securing solid and reliable coupling of the web application with the backend system is of crucial importance for any e-commerce project. We at Novarto can help you with this important integration.
As a proof of concept we developed Hybrido – a data bridge between SAP backend and any Java based e-commerce solution (integration with HYBRIS is also supported).

If you are interested in this solution please contact us at


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